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  • Interuniversity Platform for Innovation (Research, Higher Education and Training - LLP_Lifelong Learning Program), by adapting existing (or new design) projects and programs to the Priority Linges of the EU Framework Program Horizon 2020 and the EU 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. Joint management and open offer, especially for students from Southern Mediterranean countries.

  • The EMUI_ EuroMed University was founded in collaboration with the Complutense University of Madrid host to our Spain Campus, and an EU, Maghreb and Middle East University Consortium. Officially launched in Malta on October 16th 2007, the events were hosted at the Mediterranean Conference Centre (Valletta), with institutional support from the Government of the Republic and the Embassy of Spain.

  • As a public institution, with its own legal personality (Tax Nr: ESG87905626 ·  PIC 913475094 · Reg. Nr: M 39.657), the EMUI is a member of the Anna Lindh Foundation EUROMED, networks Malta, Spain and Italy. The scientific journal Nomads, Mediterrranean Perspectives, official publication of the EMUI_ EuroMed University, is created.

  • The EMUI, together with the institutions of its Consortium, pursues specific objectives, uninterrupted since its founding in 2007. It offers unique programs that, being complementary, are clearly differentiated from those pursued and offered by existing EuroMed Universities and other centers, public and private, with EuroMed programs. We thus guarantee a nece ssary dialogue with the disparity for reasons of culture, ethnicity, language or vulnerability. The priority lines of the EMUI are based on Equality and Human Rights, respecting the gender perspective and the valuable potential represented by youth.

  • In 2010 the EMUI Malta becomes an International Teaching and Research Platform under the name of EMUI_ EuroMed University, establishing its headquarters in Italy (Ex Monastero degli Olivetani Lecce, Universitŕ del Salento).

  • In 2020, by virtue of an agreement with the Complutense University (Department of International, Ecclesiastical Law and Philosophy of Law), the EMUI_ EuroMed University opens its headquarters in Spain, in spaces of the aforementioned Department

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