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NOMADS_ Critical Journal of Social and Juridical Sciences
Second Period | Nr 51 (2017.2)

Scienze Sociali e Giuridiche · Ciencias Sociales y Jurídicas · Sciences Sociales et Juridiques · Sozial- und Juristische Wissenschaften

It was not an easy task to overcome the difficulties of various origins that had to be faced by 'Nomads' (1999 - continues) in their first years of life. No doubt because we were born with public will of academic-institutional criticism. And social. What was not 'well seen' in those times of 'postmodern hegemony and actuality'. 'Progre', of course. "Uncomfortable" publication, especially for those who have used the University as their own cortijo and referent of a model to understand and 'manage' all that carries the seal of the institution, without anyone questioning the interests of the gang they led. (Some are intended to follow)

Overcoming those bad moments (I recognize it) 'Nomads' has consolidated a specific 'Editorial Policy', which has earned it a recognition that alastays us: the identity stamp of 'Nomads' has to remain a platform from the That regardless of status or 'experiences', the emerging thinking 'without having to ask permission from anyone'. Although, of course, we respect her, ours has never been the 'institutional culture'. (The Power). Because by culture we only understand the slow (and effective) resistance of those who pretend to name reality from other angles of look: we are interested in what is (is happening), which, in itself, generates 'other written languages'. Like the artistic and literary production and, especially, of the theater and the cinema. Not in vain we opt for the subtitle 'Record of passages and maps in the culture and the knowledge'

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