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Culture and Thought of the Black Peoples
Cultura y Pensamiento de los Pueblos Negros
Cultura e Pensiero dei Popoli Neri

PRIORITY ACTIONS_ 2017-2018 | 
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There is currently no course in the Spanish sphere that deals with black peoples in all their complexity. At the same time, there is widespread ignorance about this problem, not only among the general public, but also in academic circles. Our aim is to help remedy these shortcomings.

In this regard, we echo the long tradition of African and black studies, which already has a strong roots in countries such as France and the United States.

This proposal goes beyond the merely intellectual. It intends to join in the effort to build a more democratic and inclusive society, capable of harboring within it the diversity of the human race. More specifically, it responds to the call made in the Non-Law Proposal of the Spanish Cortes in 2010 regarding the recognition of the sufferings of the black community for centuries of slavery, colonialism and apartheid and the need to promote greater knowledge and awareness in the Society about these events.

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General Secretary
Roma, Maggio 2017

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