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Registration in this PhD is permanently open · L'icrizione in questo dottorato č sempre aperta  |  

Registration Process: In order to be admitted to a 'Doctorat d'Université', it will be necessary: ​​a) to design a research project, with full freedom of format, recommending brevity and, if possible, a maximum of five pages; b) curriculum vitae; c) justify timeliness and possible effectiveness (added value) of the proposed project; d) an interuniversity commission will inform each of the projects and will make its evaluation available, within a maximum period of three months; e) from the publication of the reference resolution, the candidat has a maximum of 18 months to write and present his thesis; e) languages: French, Italian, English and Spanish.
Phd-ProtocolTuitiun Fess: When the Commission positively evaluates the project (and communicates it to the candidate) it is considered admissible, once the candidate enters the registration fee (€ 200.00) in the EMUI institutional account *. For the defense of the thesis the candidate must enter the corresponding rights (€ 600.00), which include the fees and travel of the members of the Commission as well as the issuance of the corresponding document. The approved theses could be published in the Editorial of the EMUI_ EuroMed University, www.euromededitions.eu

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