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(2008) Global Institute for Strategic Economic Development Foundation (GISED)

The Euro-Mediterranean University Institute (EMUI) is socially and financially supported by the Euro-Mediterranean Progressive Policy Institute (EMPP), a division of GISED |

The Global Institute for Strategic Economic Development (GISED), an international foundation, is a non-Governmental organization founded in 1992. The foundation’s principle goal is to develop, promote and facilitate entrepreneurial sustainable economic development through partnerships with governments, multi and bilateral agencies, the private sector and the civil society.

GISED has the following policy objectives:

1.- Partnership: Fostering strategic partnerships with governments, multi and bilateral agencies, the private sector, non-governmental organizations, and the civil society.
2.- Entrepreneurship & Innovation: Facilitating entrepreneurial and innovative approaches and taking calculated risks in the design and implementation of sustainable strategic economic development programs and social empowerment projects.
3.- Capacity Development: Supporting the strengthening of government, educational and non-governmental organizations, and the civil society to respond rapidly to the comprehensive strategic needs.
4.- Education & Research: Enabling entrepreneurial partnerships with educational institutions, the private sector and community organizations, contributing to inventive methodologies through well funded research and implementation in the society.
5.- Ownership & Participation: Ensuring that GISED supported programs and projects are nationally owned and implemented, securing local commitment through the participation of the local population at all levels, and a strengthened civil society.
6.- Fiscal Responsibity: Ensuring that the decision-making responsibilities and accountability are entrusted to partnerships of private and pubic institutions involved in the specific project, including the citizen benefactors.
7.- Sustainability: Ensuring that all programs and projects have a plan of action setting out the steps towards attaining sustainability, including an exit strategy for GISED.
8.- Policy impact: Working closely with governments and other partners to promote policy changes in favor of improved local governance, decentralization and enabling a sustainable development environmen.

GISED is registered in Malta 09/VI/2006 with the Foundation number 992 and with its registered office at 6, Triq San Marks. 06 VLT. VALLETTA-MALTA

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