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Human Rights and Gender Violence
Diritti Umani e Violenza contro le Donne

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  • Theory and Praxis in Gender Studies
  • The need to assume that the gender perspective, although it receives differentiated nuances in each of the geo-political spaces with interests or projection in the Mediterranean, only achieves plausible results if we opt for analyzes that generate reflection and encourage open dialogue And plural, on the theoretical and practical dimension of the corresponding studies. We understand that the results could thus become an effective critical support for conflict resolution and peace.

    Human Rights are a reference to invoke, often regrettably without success, in situations of blatant exploitation, both social, economic, cultural, etc. In sectors of citizenship such as young and adult women, the elderly and children. Although we are talking about 82% of the population, women represent 52% of that population worldwide, so it is less paradoxical that they continue to be treated as a collective.

    The right to free movement of persons and property also unfortunately often becomes pre-text for the trafficking and exploitation of the most vulnerable groups and sectors affected by inequality: in their variants of evident discrimination, Of non-equality of opportunity and treatment. The foregoing description also affects groups of men who do not feel identified with practices associated with masculinity, even though their characteristics conform to those of the reference anthropological model (male, rich, healthy, heterosexual, white, with a productive age Between the ages of 30 and 65, etc.).

    This critical position aims to establish the theoretical-discursive basis for ensuring interdisciplinarity and the necessary transversality of the subject and preserving the desirable complementarity of the anthropological models sitting in the area (Judeo-Christian and Islamic and / or Muslim), to achieve its Impact on governments or managers of the not always recognized rights of discriminated sectors. Such governments or managers must therefore focus their efforts on those who suffer from double discrimination, such as women and girls, who, as the United Nations points out (Beijing, 1995 and Beijing + 5 +10 +15 Platforms ) Are developed in unsustainable situations of inequality.

    Violence, in all its typology (direct, structural and cultural) inherent in these serious situations, is a pending subject of university and research centers, administrations and civil society that, in coherence with their status and objectives, do not get involved enough to To design alternative routes that do not clearly pursue other ends that eradicate this scourge immediately and overcome this democratic deficit without any justification in societies and cultures that are supposedly modern, democratic and in solidarity.

    In convincing the relevance of its impact and trusting in its effectiveness, being a Seminar that is justified not only to deal with recurring issues, but especially for the priority attention to the immediate problems of immediate resolution, to generate literature and to expand the Field of knowledge, circulating the achievements both by the laboratories of potentially critical thinking and by platforms of media projection, also permeating the cultural and social sphere through collaboration with citizen organizations and social and cultural dialogue, Therefore, the main objective of this project.

    The Euro-Mediterranean perspective can, in our opinion, enrich the change or transformation that we pursue: a re-vision of linguistic-mediatic structures, while traditional / hegemonic legitimacy of macho domination strategies, based on androcentric and patriarchal epistemological frameworks, expires .

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