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Department of Political and Social Sciences (PSS)

  • Education and Research Topics:


    A04.01 Euro-Mediterranean Political Systems
    A04.02 Government: Political Direction and Elaboration
    A04.03 Public Administration and Modernization
    A04.04 Theory of Organization
    A04.05 Introduction to Political Science
    A04.06 Science, Technology and European Society
    A04.07 Government and Intergovernmental Relations
    A04.08 Political Actors and Social Agents in the European Union
    A04.09 The New Social Movements: Feminism, Ecologism, Pacifism, etc.


    B04.01 Public Marketing and Corporative Identity
    B04.02 New forms of Democracy and the Theory of Governance
    B04.03 Methodology in Social Sciences and Law
    B04.04 Biopolitics and Technology
    B04.05 Analysis and Evolution of Public Policy
    B04.06 Political Advice and Consultancy
    B04.07 Urban and Territorial Policies
    B04.08 Strategic Approach of Public Administration
    B04.09 Political Leadership and Strategic Approach
    B04.10 Welfare and Rule-of-Law State in the European Union: Social Policy and Social Cohesion
    B04.11 European Contribution to International Governance

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