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Attached to the Department of Economy and Environment are considered the Professors and researchers of the corresponding Departments of the Consortium Universities that undertake teaching and research responsability in any of the EMUI programmes.

Department Goals and Objectives:

The Department of Economy and Environment is firmly committed to offering students of widely varied ages, backgrounds, interests and needs, a broad range of educational opportunities and experiences. Thus, the Department endeavours to provide a contemporary array of research topics and subjects – inserted in degree programs, masters and doctoral programmes - which will enable the student to develop as an intelligent, caring individual who will be able to function as a contributing, productive member of society.

The Economy and Environment Department and the EMUI_ EuroMed University itself recognizes the important relationship that exists between those disciplines, which enhance one’s ability to think critically, reason analytically, communicate effectively, maintain historical perspective and promote good citizenship, and those disciplines, which provide the specialized knowledge and the critical intellectual skills to perform effectively in a wide variety of settings.

.- Students of the Department are participating members of an educational institution charged with preservation and dissemination of knowledge and with the creative application of that knowledge in the students lives both as individuals and as members of society.

The objectives of the Department of Economy and environment are:

01. To provide a capacity to developing analytical thinking and initiative
02. To provide a professional faculty
03. To understand and get involved with the main economic topics
04. To take into account the main environmental issues and problems
05. To understand and study the economy and the environment through a holistic and interdisciplinary approach.
06. To engage in research, self-reflection and other learning strategies
07. To provide a wide range of learning opportunities for students 
08. To encourage thoughtful & responsible faculty, student participation in different research programs, intellectual activities
09. To encourage participation in professional activities;
10. To foster academic research, which contributes to human knowledge and the vitality of the Department

Education and Research Topics:


A01.01 Economy and Environmental Policy in the European Union
A01.02 International Trade and Competitiveness of the European Economy
A01.03 Aplied Economics
A01.04 Economic System and Financial Institution
A01.05 Political Economy of Growth
A01.06 Structure and Keys of the European Economic System


B01.01 History of Economics
B01.02 Management of Human Resources
B01.03 Climatic Change and Alternatives Energy
B01.04 Growth monitoring: Innovation, Institutions and Human Capital
B01.05 Budget Models and Resource Managment
B01.06 Economy and Regional and Urban Politics

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