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Department of Arabic and Islamic Studies (AIS)

  • Education and Research Topics

  • Proposal A
    A06.01 Politics and Society in Maghreb and Machreq
    A06.02 Democratization and Reform in Turkey and Iran
    A06.03 Political Islam in Maghreb and Machreq
    A06.04 Transition to Democracy Processes in the Arabic World

  • Proposal B
    B06.01 Foreign Policy of Arab/Islamic Countries
    B06.02 Cultural and Development Cooperation Relations of the with the Arab and Islamic World
    B06.03 Political and Religious Authority in Islamic Societies
    B06.04 Innovation and Adaptation to Islamic Law
    B06.05 Religious Identities and Doctrines in the Islamic Law
    B06.06 Minorities and Conversions in the Islamic World
    B06.07 Institutionalization of Islam Processes in the European Union
    B06.08 Religious Pluralism in the European Union
    B06.09 Muslim Communities in the European Union

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