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«For the ordinary management of items approved in the PC (DC), it shall provide itselt with an Executive Commission. Are ex officio members of the same: the President, the Academmic Secretary, General Coordinator, the International and Institutional Relations Secreetary, Representative of the EMUI_ Networkes, the General Managment, and the Director of Cabinet. The President of the Social Council attends as guest, with voice, but without vote. Ordinary as well as other matters requiring an urgent decision, the Commission will report on the inmmediate meeting of the PC (DC)». (Statutes & Regulations, § 2.4)



Honorary President

Vice-President (Academic & Research)
Vice-President (International & Institutional)

Vice-Rector (UCM)
Vice-Rector (UNI_Salento)
Director IUI EMUI (UCM)
Director Dep. SSSU (UNI_Salento)
Representative of the EMUI_ Networks
General Manager
Secretary (General Coordinator)
Executive Commission (Links)

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